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Let’s celebrate the new olio extravergine di oliva of the Margherita Farm. Finally, after years, the production has been really abundant and the quality of the oil is excellent.As we often tell the guests of our Agriturismo, the merit to produce an excellent Olio extravergine di oliva depends on a series of factors, many certainly dictated by our work, our passion, but others certainly linked to fate and heritage that we have received.
We can decide at what time to collect, we start very early, at most the second week of October, we aim at the quality of the product of olio extravergine di oliva and not the quantity.In October the percentage of oil for a quintal of olives is, compared to that of mid-November, much lower, but the very low acidity and the aromas we obtain are not comparable.We can decide how and how much to prune, the fertilization in our case is almost continuous with donkeys and horses, we can decide whether to clean the pedestrians accurately or leave the grass high around to ensure a bit of humidity in summer
The one where we certainly can not intervene and does not depend on us is the atmospheric element, the past few years have had very rainy seasons and the increase in humidity has caused the advent of the oil fly that has literally destroyed many crops. Or we had seasons so dry that they did not allow the flowering. We say that they asked for a bit of remedy as it should be, they too are entitled, ours is an organic farm, we like to respect the environment,this also means accepting the choices of nature with serenity, if one year the production is scarce there will be a reason.In short, as can be seen, to produce a super extra virgin olive oil as well as a lot of passion also a bit of good luck, this could still be a major topic of discussion on the auspices of good crops and related rituals, but I will talk about another occasion.I forgot about the hereditary aspect I was talking about earlier.The extraordinary fruity aroma of our oil derives from choices that we have inherited from at least a few centuries ago and who knows who,or the choice to plant different breeds of plants that give life to a wonderful winning Blend, here we get a fragrant oil, spicy, elements that denote an oil with very low acidity, an oil that is good for our health.Our oil is made with the heart and is good for the heart.http://www.margheritaholidayhome.com
Awarding of our oil: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DGvSXdCGHrQ

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