Margherita Holiday Home.

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The essense of Margherita Holiday Home. Many of the tourists who come to Margherita Holiday Home ask us how our business is born, where we started, when and how the idea was born and above all the history of the farmhouse and of the structures.Whenever we say that none of us has ever lived in the country before, that we have always lived and studied in the city and that even we have taken a mortgage and bought the property, people remain a bit stunned because, differtent to most of the farms in being was not a family legacy, but simply a choice that came from the love of the place and the lifestyle.First of all we chose the place of course, we immediately liked the fantastic view of the Valdichiana that offers this feeling of airspace freedom, the geometric composure of the fields interspersed with silvery olive groves, vineyards that are tinged with a thousand colors to small villages all set in the woods of the surrounding mountains.Cortona laid out in part in the background, as did the guard on everything, elegant and simple in the same way in a context where nothing out of place.The other aspect, no less important than our choice, is linked to the lifestyle that involves managing a property like Margherita Holiday Home.For sure it is not a comfortable life, it is a life of intense work marked by the many activities and care that the countryside and the structure require, on the other hand is a life of satisfactions linked to something that has been born from the begin and grows in many directions.For us every time we use our oil for example, makes us proud of what we have produced and cancels in a moment all the work upstream that there was to produce it, the same applies to our vegetables, our eggs and the fruit of our plants, etc. The problem is this, once this choice has been undertaken, we are unwilling to accept products from supermarkets, large retailers, everything seems tasteless, as without  soul and the funny thing about all this is that we have practically grown up eating this in the cities ! We like the silence of the countryside, we hear the verses of the poultry animals, birds, you learn to hear the tolling of the bells to calculate the time, you appreciate the scents, from the strong rosemary that here is everywhere to the laurel , sage, spontaneous herbs, in short, you are in harmony with nature. Many people born and raised in a place often do not appreciate their peculiarities and live it as a sort of routine and can not fully understand their qualities; in the countryside especially, people who had to work the land to survive, have sometimes lost their sensitivity to how much beauty this can offer. These in short the answers we give to our guests, and our wish that they succeed during their stay to live the essence, tasting our products and sharing, even if for short periods, our lifestyle.



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