Margherita Farm has been present for some years in the scenario of the teaching farms in the province of Arezzo and taking part in many activities during the year. Events in the tourist field (see events section) and educational programs with the schools are often developped with positive reviews and with great enthusiasm.

The Message of the Company in relation to the Educational Farm is simple but very effective, learn and have fun, then the topics are the most varied and constantly change: learn farming, participate actively in some passages of the production in order to understand the usefulness and the aim; to pose questions about nature and understand them, etc.. However, all subjects linked by a single thread, ENTERTAINMENT.

At present the didactic activityof Margherita Farm, is related to the production of Extra Virgin Olive Oil, the breeding of Amiatini donkeys. It is also very important to emphasize the all work that the farm requires envolving the participants with interest and pleasure; from the knowledge  of the farmyard animals to the implementation and care of an organic garden; from the seedbeds to the final product served on the table; to the herbs and the many uses of them.Finally amention of the rural traditions and the myriad of anecdotes and sayings related to agriculture.

Children, teenagers and new generations are very technological, it’s really difficult to show them something that can really surprise them. This is why the project and study finalised to an educational farm require a serious preparation for a successful outcome. The ability in  a Teaching Farm is to find the right game that can stimulate  the imagination of a child  so that his memories, together with the amusing experience,  will also be related to the particular theme that the farm was discussing. Activities are often agreed with the teachers of the schools, in order to let the students have direct experience of what has been studied in class. Often are made on request, dedicated teaching farms, according to topics or specific school programs carried out.



  • Discover our friends Donkeys:
    To develop collaboration skills, learn the concept of trust, tolerance and acceptance those who are different from us.
  • The Roadmap of Oil:
    Knowledge all phases of processing of olives, from harvesting to pressing.
  • Let us return to the Mother:
    Knowledge of the preparation of the mother yeast, the perception of a live feed.
  • A World of Herbs:
    Knowledge of medicinal herbs that nature offers, useful for our health.Collection and preparation of herbal oils and spices.
  • Hunting track:
    To recognize the presence of wild animals, following laboratory on casts of the footprints found.
  • Observe the Forest in different seasons:
    Goals to foster the spirit of observation, to know the cycles of nature.

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